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Why your brand should utilize international ski jumping events in its marketing strategy?


Winter sports entertains millions of fans around the world, and thus provides the perfect opportunity for sponsorship. There are various ways for your brand to associate with the passion and enthusiasm each winter season brings:





  1. Brand Visibility and Recognition: International ski jumping events, especially those that are part of major tournaments or championships, attract large global audiences both on-site and through television or online broadcasts. Sponsoring such events can significantly increase a brand's visibility and recognition, allowing the company's logo, products, or services to be showcased to a vast and diverse audience.

  2. Targeted Marketing and Audience Engagement: Ski jumping events, like other sports, have a dedicated and passionate fan base. Sponsors can tap into this audience, tailoring their marketing strategies to appeal specifically to sports enthusiasts, winter sports aficionados, and those who admire the discipline and dedication of athletes. Engaging content, promotions, or interactive experiences related to the event can foster deeper connections between the brand and potential customers.

  3. Association with Positive Attributes: By associating with international ski jumping events, businesses can align their brand with positive attributes such as excellence, precision, determination, and adrenaline. Such associations can enhance the brand's image, making it seem more dynamic, innovative, or committed to peak performance. This can create a favorable brand perception among both existing and potential customers.


  • Massive media reach via free-to-air broadcasts​: Over 130 Million Winter Sports Fans in Europe alone!
  • A broad choice of competitions for engaging a middle age-audience​
  • Dynamic events to associate your brand with played out in beautiful scenery
  • Positively align your brand with the unmatched values of ski jumping
  • A clean platform that offers opportunities to exclusive brand placement

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