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Why your brand should utilize international ice hockey events in its marketing strategy?

Ice hockey entertains millions of fans around the world, and thus provides the perfect opportunity for sponsorship. There are various ways for your brand to associate with the passion and enthusiasm each ice hockey event brings:




  • Brand Visibility and Recognition: International ice hockey events, especially premier tournaments, attract large global audiences both in-person and via broadcast media. By sponsoring such events, businesses can achieve significant exposure, ensuring that their brand is seen by millions, which can lead to increased brand recall and recognition.

  • Engagement and Customer Loyalty: Ice hockey fans are passionate about the sport. Associating with events that fans care deeply about can foster a stronger emotional connection between the brand and potential customers. This engagement can lead to increased customer loyalty, as fans may choose to support brands that invest in and promote their beloved sport.

  • Business Networking and B2B Opportunities: Sponsoring major events often comes with opportunities for corporate hospitality and networking. This allows businesses to invite key clients, stakeholders, or potential business partners to the event, providing a unique setting to strengthen B2B relationships, discuss potential deals, or simply foster goodwill.

  • Massive media reach via free-to-air broadcasts​: GLOBAL TOTAL over 200 Million spectators!
  • A broad choice of competitions for engaging a middle age-audience​
  • Entertaining events to associate your brand with played out in the best arenas
  • Positively align your brand with the unmatched dynamics of ice hockey
  • A vibrant platform that offers opportunities to exclusive brand placement


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